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Elementary, my Dear Watson (aka London Day 3)

Yes, I know the phrase was actually never used in the books, but it's a cool phrase nonetheless XD
And yes, I'm enough of a Sherlock Holmes dork that I actually bought his hat =_=

Anyway, I had a pretty productive day, between Madame Tussauds and the Sherlock Holmes Museum I took way too many pictures.... and oh hey! Hi King's Cross!

Yes. I did. I went. And utterly failed to find Platform 9 3/4, damn you King's Cross for being under renewing constructions T_T

I'm gonna skip the Madame Tussauds recap cause I'm pretty sure all of you know what's inside it.
So let's go straight to

Nope, sorry. That was the other museum XD

Anyway, the museum itself is inside 221b Baker Street, there's a policeman at the door letting people in (and taking pictured with people, handing them a Sherlock cap and a pipe to dress up in them... didn't have the balls to ask someone in the queue to take a picture of me doing this XD)
The inside of the building is really old England, small corridors, creaky stairs, it's built on 3 floors.

On the first floor we have the living room, with Sherlock's chemistry table on one side

And Watson's desk and his doctor bag on the other

On the same floor we have Holmes bedroom.
Oh hey, Sherlock!

Actually, I think that was the proprietor XD
He came just minutes before I got to enter, the policeman was all meek and respectful and lead him inside. And he was so nice, he kept explaining what we were seeing and that we were allowed to sit in the chairs if we wanted to *_*

Moving onto the second floor, we have

And of course Watson had a Sherlock bust next to his bed, naturally! XD

(it was cramped and full of people so I didn't get a chane to take a pic of they very, umm, interesting artifact Watson had in the corner. Wooden box? With a ceramic circular interior? Used for gentlemen who might have bowels trouble?

There were a serie of artifacts on display behind glass, among those a pair of ears

and other less gory things (even a hand written letter from 'Holmes' to 'Watson' XD).

On the last floor *_*
There were wax figures for some of characters from the books.
(Just posting a couple, if you want more ask away :D)

Those are just the highlights (I took some 150 pis today XD).
Tomorrow I'm planning on visiting the Tower of London... gory english history, I love it!
Off to plan the trip, night night! :D
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