Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
Stefy ~ ステフィ

From Twitter 08-23-2010

  • 08:57:51: Good morning! Having a breakfast of carrot cake and coffee latte before hitting the Museum of London.
  • 08:59:40: Can't believe it's my last day! ;_; Might try to see Harrods,but I didn't know it had a dress code >_>
  • 11:21:54: Just visited the Museum of London, so nice! Now off to the V&A one.. Wish me luck cuz it's huge.
  • 14:40:54: Had to seek refuge back in my hotel room cause if with an umbrella if it's pouring nothing will save your pants and shoes...
  • 14:42:26: ...I tried to hide inside Harrods but the salesgirls were making me feel like a bug >_> So I high-tailed it.
  • 14:46:35: Now trying to decide where to go once I've recovered. What do you think: Hard Rock Café or Carnaby Street?
  • 17:15:05: Went to the Hard Rock Cafè and I felt like a drunkard..I'm not hungry damn it,just wanted a drink!
  • 17:16:15: And for that I got sent downstairs to drink at the counter surrounded by drunk guys..
  • 17:16:55: And so I left in a hurry with no drink XD
  • 20:32:50: I don't wanna go back home....
  • 20:54:14: There are metal springs sounds coming from the room next t mine... >_>
  • 22:36:00: My last night in London... night night guys, talk to you from home <3

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