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Round-up London post + back to work

I haven't been constant in my London posts... truth is touring the city as intensely as I did started to take its toll. I got tired earlier and earlier every day and in the evenings I didn't have the strenght to make a proper post. I probably shouldn't have moved around as frantically as I did, but I kept thinking I only had 1 week and the things I wanted to see kept piling up. Needless to say I didn't see everything I wanted to, but still it's been the best trip I could have imagined. I had a blast and I'd go back in a heart-beat!

I've been back in Milan since the 25th and I've desperately trying to take advantage of my last days of "freedom" before reality would kick in again and demand I go back to work. Which will happen tomorrow.
But for now...

Just a quick recap of what I saw in London after the third day!

Being the geek that I am about London's history, I decided to start off the day at The Monument (the column built to remember the Great Fire of 1666). Once there I discovered you could climb the 313 steps and enjoy a really good view of the city, so off I went, up those steps!
I didn't feel the repercussions until the next day, when my calves muscles were screaming at me and kept screaming til the end of my trip >_>
But the view was nice! And I got a pretty certificate for climbing the steps! XD

After that, I visited the Tower of London (went immediately for the bloodier part of the tour, Anne Boleyn and the 2 Princes, followed by a visit to the White Tower and ending with the Crown's Jewels).

And finally I got to visit Tower Bridge *_*

I visited the exposition at the very top and then took a walk down the Queen's Walk up until St. Paul.

This is the day in which Katka came down to London and we met! *_*
She got here around noon. I spent the morning visiting Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square while waiting to meet her at Euston Station.

While in Leicester Square.... for you, fila_desu

Once Katka found me (immediately! XD) we headed over to the British Museum, toured it a little bit then went to have lunch at a chinese restaurant. I discovered something that she keeps in her wallet that made me very very happy :P (wink!)
In the afternoon we headed to Monument and walked along the Thames until Millennium Bridge... the Harry Potter geek in me was ecstatic XD
We visited Tate Modern and had quite a few laughs :P
After that we ended our day with a must-do for every D-Boys fan: a trip to Starbucks and much, much fangirling XD

The day was over much too early... ;_;

Visited Buckingam Palace in the morning (boy, is it nice on the inside *_*), after lunch I visited the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery... after that I was about ready to keel over. Since it was still 4PM, I decided to head over to Kensington Gardens and go to The Orangery... I've been looking forward to visit since before my trip started. Why?
It's a traditional tea room.
I got to get inside, be seated by a very formal-looking waiter and enjoy a traditional Afternoon Tea consisting of Indian Tea, finger sandwiches, pastries and a strawberry cake *__*
Dear God I wish I had had the presence of mind to take pictures, but I was too busy enjoying my personal heaven to stop and thinking practically... sorry about that XD

I felt a little frantic seeing as it was my last full day.
So I ended up visiting The Museum of London (I loved it *_* Thanks for the suggestion, Katka!), the Victoria and Albert Museum, Harrods :P and the Hard Rock Café.
I spent way too much money inside the last one's gift shop...

The day of my return to Italy...
My flight was at 5:40PM so I decided to squeeze all my remaining time into something constructive.
I went back to the Millenium Bridge area and visited Shakespeare's Globe.
When I was done, I went back around the St Paul's area and discovered this wonderful place called Yo! Sushi *_*
I ate what was easily my best lunch in London *lick lips*
After that I went to get my luggage and headed for Heathrow... got through the not-so-fun experience of having people at the Check-In turning my bag upside down and analyzing every single thing in it, pads included =_=
After that I had my last Starbuck Chai Latte and said goodbye to London...

All in all, it was a fantastic trip. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Why did it had to be over so quickly?

And now I'm busy readying myself psychologically for tomorrow.
I didn't think I would dread going back to work so much.
It probably has to do with my anxiety over the interview I did and the mess it'l create. I'll have to ask for 3 days off for the middle of September and dunno what excuse to make. On top of this, I'm having second thoughts about that new place...

One thing at a time.
I'll focus on getting through tomorrow for now. And getting through a full week of having my mother home from work *cold sweat*
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