Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
Stefy ~ ステフィ

From Twitter 08-29-2010

  • 10:32:13: Seems like on Pigg it'll be Igarashi and Wada...Igarashi sure loves getting naked for the fans... unlike somebody else in the DBA show >_>
  • 13:19:36: It's all Cris and Katka's fault if I can't get to Wada and Igarashi, the D-Boys fandom gods got mad at the korean betrayal... damn you 2! XD
  • 15:13:01: I didn't enter the DBA until Wada & Shuji had left Y.Y
  • 15:14:33: Now I'm on my way to cousins', by train, alone.
  • 20:47:38: Getting ready for the office tomorrow... I wanna cry Y.Y
  • 21:58:10: Kaji! <3 It's good that we're seeing him again,even if just in Miki's blog. He all but disappeared before his Pigg outing...
  • 22:08:41: Whoa, a third Igarashi PB? Ok, he really is doing good lately
  • 22:34:49: And now it's time to sleep. See you hopefully tomorrow guys <3

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