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Finally back for good

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...I'm done with exams and the fare for a while, so I should be back on 'business' soon :)

I passed the exams which is good.

And the fare was very good indeed, even if it was like a new experience.
Milan's Fare was moved to a small town called Rho, so it's farther than before (about 20 metro stops for me), and it's kinda funny. Once you get there you have to walk 1 k/m on tapis-roulants like in Malpensa Airport, histerical.
They also changed the days. We usually worked from Saturday to Tuesday, this time it was from Thursday to Sunday.
Thing is, Friday Milan had the "try-out-fake" bombs, to prepare for a future terrorist attack, so few people showed up. Comb with it the fare behind outside town and you get why overhall we had less people showing up.
But it was good, I worked quite a bit, did some orders and even managed some new clients for the company ;)
The boss was happy, he even scolded my dad and told him he's too overprotective, that I probably am more competent than he thinks. LOL.
For those who don't know, twice a year I work for a company called Drops, they design, produce and manage all the umbrellas for Moschino and Les Copains. Now they got rights also for Calvin Klein, but they can just sell, not expose in the fare.
They introduced for Moschino an umbrella for dogs. Freaking DOGS. You link it to his lash and walk him around on it.
And people were actually walking into the stand to check it out and ask for it, LMAO.
I think you can see it in the only, crappy pic I took of one of the stand's window.
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to include any Moscino's umbrellas, their mostly inside and I was embarassed walking around with a camera while working *blush*
They also introduced a line of bags called Love Bags, I like it! I might try to get reductions for a couple of them :b

The fat guy with the beard you see on the background is Remo, my boss

Image hosted by
*shameless promotion*

If y'all interested, you can check the umbrellas out ;)

This is my personal fav. new umbrella :b

Image hosted by
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