Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
Stefy ~ ステフィ

From Twitter 09-15-2010

  • 07:34:23: Good morning. Waiting for the bus and trying to stay awake. Can't wait for these 3 days to be over.
  • 14:44:18: Done with the trial,tomorrow they can't have me come cuz they have deadlines to tend to. Since I asked 3 permits for uni it means tom I'll
  • 14:45:44: be a free woman until 4pm 0=)
  • 14:48:01: Now I'm waiting for the bus to go to work & actually looking forward to it:I do better with having stuff to do instead of watching others do
  • 18:57:07: I'm so effing hungry...and I'm so tempted in going away at 8PM...but 3 1/2 hours of work is so lame of me T_T
  • 19:01:50: I gave in... eating broken crackers.
  • 19:30:21: Going hooome. See you later (hopefully)!
  • 21:13:01: I'm so torn...He's making us win,but seeing my dad all excited over Ibra is giving me a stoamache >_>
  • 22:25:01: Aye, time for bed. Good night everyone! <3

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