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This is a Ladies' Night!

Ladies night out yesterday :)
I haven't seen the girls in ages it seems, since early July, so it was a good occasion.
I had seen Cris last month,but still considering we leave at 100metres that's not good enough! We've all been busy so it was good catching up on what everyone'sbeen doing.

Speaking of Cris, she shocked the hell out of me tellling me that by July 2006 she'll go live with her boyfriend O_O
Not shocked by someone going to live with her boyfriend, but by HER going to live with HIM, practically admitting they'll get married at some point.
He hurt her. They broke up countless times and they got back cause he said "Once you break up with me, that's it, you won't see me ever again", while obviously since they have history she hoped for remaining friends. So everytime he begged and she went back to him for this reason, saying to me she was gonna stay with him for now, that she certainly didn't want to spend her life with someone like him, that she wants better but in the midtime she doesn't want to be alone and so she stays with him.
And now this...
I know it probably has to do wtih her father illness, seeing how devasted she was when we first found out her ffear of being left alone intensified and so now she's gonna settle for what she has now, clinging to it and not looking for anything else.
I understand her.
But I can't help be worried for her in the long run.
Will she really be happy marrying this guy?
Or will he stops her from doing what she wants to do in life? He did minorly already, at times he even went and said "why do you have to go to the university? I work, you stay at home and will watch our children" O_O
Gosh, I'm scared for her :(

It started as a happy update too! :lol
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