Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
Stefy ~ ステフィ

From Twitter 09-30-2010

  • 09:42:44: Heading at work for the last day of the month,the sign of the Cross seems in order.
  • 09:45:55: Plus Serena had a crisis yesterday of the 'I'm nobody's secretary!' nature. Seemed callous to tell her 'Good morning sunshine, u just
  • 09:47:38: realized how we're threated around here?'. So I didn't. :/
  • 11:08:58: Less than 1 hour of work and I'm already on the verge of telling my coworkers to fuck off. Great start of the day!
  • 11:48:00: Does anyone want to send me a portable Yanagi to brighten my day and stop me from killing?
  • 13:51:10: Drowning my anger in chinese food, again. By the end of next month I'll be the size of a house.
  • 21:05:09: Leaving the office at 9:30 PM... Not bad >_>

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