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Last night I went to see Deathly Hallows Part 1 with my cousins, as per tradition.
It was a spur of the moment thing, in fact I went to see it not even remembering the book all too well... it's been ages since I read it! XD
Yet sitting in front of the movie the book starting coming back to me, and my usual "How could they leave that out?!?" and "No, that wasn't how it happened!" comments were flying out of my mouth. You'd think I'd be used to it by now XD

To avoid spoiling it for some of you:

It's the first Harry Potter movie that left me a little underwhelmed. Usually it's the opposite for me, I start off super excited right after having seen it and then I start nit-picking the movie and deflating.
The movie felt dry, I noticed a lack of soundtrack in a lot of key moments and that probably spoiled the movie as a whole for me.
Analyzing it scene by scene that problem mostly goes away: I loved the scene in the Ministry (the actors portraying them were excellent, I want to look their names up), the café scene would have been a good one too if it wasn't for the dramatic pause before Obliviating Dolohov, in case we hadn't realized how big Hermione sacrifice for Harry was, yaddayaddayadda...
That's another thing that left me annoyed. It was pretty much "Hermione Granger and the Deathly Hallows", Harry seemed important only by default cause he's the Chosen One, but we see him being HARRY only in the Ministry scene. Even the RAB discovery is taken out of his hands.
I felt cheated again by the total disappearance of the Greyback storyline... Bill brushed it aside as if he scraped himself by falling off a tree and during the Snatchers scene Greyback was threated as any useless minion.

Complaining stuff aside, I'll admit I cried like a baby during the Godric's Hollow cemetery scene (big fat tears rolling down my cheeks) and the Dobby scene...God, it was heartbreaking.
And the Hedwig scene! I loved how they changed the book so that what gave the real Harry away was Hedwig trying to protect him.
Also, the actors really grew into themselves, Rupert especially.
(and boy, was that Harry/Hermione scene scorching hot O.O)

Seeing how rushed it was and how far along in the book they went, Part 2 better give me a big fat Battle of Hogwarts, I won't settle for anything under 1 hour of battle.

Did any of you see the movie yet?
What did you think?
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