Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
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Saturday Morning of Doom

Tomorrow I'll be for a long amount of time in a car with my mom, dad and granparents, the one from which the big crisis began.
Mom is being the biggest bitch ever, she's calling dad names when talking about him with me. Granma will notice right away that mom don't want to be there and so it'll create even more tension, granma will blame dad for it and so on...

Why is my mother so egoistical and selfish? How hard is it for her to speak to them like a normal person?
No, everytime she sees them she mumbles some half arsed answers when they ask her things and then she stays quiet. Does she honestly think they don't noice or she just doesn't care about the position that put me and dad in?

Fuck it, right when I was starting to feel better.
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