Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
Stefy ~ ステフィ

From Twitter 01-03-2011

  • 08:33:45: Ok, attempting to get back in touch... Good morning people!
  • 09:54:00: Less than 1 hour of office and I'm already on the brick of crying from the stress... I'll be alone all week T__T
  • 10:23:54: I don't understand a thing of what needs to be done. Bad bad thing to be away from the office and come back when no one is there to explain.
  • 12:16:33: Dear God, I'm so HUNGRY.... 2 more hours before I can eat T_T
  • 14:15:50: TMI HOUR: Why is it so cold in the office? I have to go pee every hour! T_T
  • 15:33:15: All I seem to be doing today is complaining... but damn it, I hate this job T_T
  • 15:44:00: Strumming my pain with his fingers..singing my life with his words..killing me softly with his song, KILLING ME SOFTLYYYY!!!
  • 20:57:42: Confirmed by the vet. Rocky won't lie for more than a few days. Still I can't decide to supress him... it's been 13 years, I just can't...

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