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Movie Friday

I went to my weekly History of Cinema's Seminary.
Today we watched "M" by Fritz Lang...Boy, was it a surprise.
I didn't expect it to be a Noir, the story of a city leaving in terror of a serial killer who goes around killing little girls O_O
The movie was made in 1931, for some reason I found it... ahead of times, to have the courage to portray something so dark. Plus, in the end criminals are the ones who find him, not the police.
The actor who played the killer was amazing, he totally freaked me out, he portrayed perfectly the unbalanced, sick person this man was. It chilled me to the bone hearing him say "It's not my fault, I HAVE to kill"... For some reason, I thought these kind of pathologies developed with the modern world.
And then I found out in the explanation, that Germany actually had such a serial killer in these years. Creepy.

In other news, I called the doctor and told her about dad. She of course told me to get him checked, so I called dad, had a talk with him and he promised that if I go get the prescription from the doctor he'll get checked. Thank You God.
I got him some anti-depressant natural medicine yesterday as a start, we'll see if they help.
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