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The secret of being a bore is to tell everything

I'm taking advantage of the fact that one of our consultant left for some appointments to relax.
My coworkers and I just finished being stupid and taking pics of ourselves XD
They might post them on Facebook, in that case I might save them and show you :P
I'm actually looking forward to the weekend, tomorrow I have a shopping date with Samu and one of his het male friends in the morning and then Serena will join for a chinese/italian lunch *licks lips*

Ok, onto the meme!

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.

Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession.

1. Green eyes. God, when a guy with green eyes talks to me I lose the ability to think straight.

2. A nice smile. That's another thing that can easely make my brain short-cut.

3. As cliched as it sounds, a smart sense of humor. Nothing compares to a guy that make you relax and laugh.

Can't believe this meme is almost over!
What will I post about come Monday? XD
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