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Hola from Madrid! <3

Hi lovelies!
I'm not dead yet!
There's nothing that could even remote excuse my lack of updates in the past few months other than the usual crazy work hours, I'm sure you're tired to hear me explain and make excuses...
I can only say sorry, cause I truly am sorry.
Sorry to not have given updates.
But more than that sorry about not having kept up with a lot of you.
Thankfully some of you are on Twitter and we manage to keep in touch there but still... I'm sorry.

Right now I'm in Madrid for a small vacation, I'll be on my own until Monday so I thought what better occasion than this to make a post?

My original plan was to go to London again, but the riots kinda put a nail in that coffin...
On such short notice the only other place that came to mind was Madrid: I visited it once very briefly with Sonia ( umarekawareru) as my kind host and I wanted to see more, visit it properly.
Doesn't hurt that I'll be able to see Sonia on the last 2 days too ;)

I arrived today, though maybe it wasn't the best idea... the World' Youth Day with the Pope is taking place in Madrid this year, and the city has been literally invaded by people.
I tried to tour around this afternoon and it was pure madness: it took me 20 minutes to get out of a subway stop, there were just too many people. And let's not talk about the queues for eating at any place... at 3PM it took me 1 hour to get to the cash register to order and even then I had to fight my way ahead of people who were trying to get in front of me.

I wanted to visit at least 1 museum, so I headed over to the Reina Sofia one (the one that has Picasso's "Guernica") but the queue was as long as the entire square... so I did the only logical thing: turned around and went to get a lemon Frappuccino XD

I hope, hope, hope that the weekend will be less mad... I think the Pope is supposed to meet the youths on those days so maybe... MAYBE...!!

That's my very boring entry... just a good excuse to get back in touch :)
Do you guys feel like chiming in and telling me how your life has been, what are up to etc..?
Pretty please? :D
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