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Happy New Year

Hello beautiful people!
I've wanted to make at least this post to wish to all of you a very happy new year!
I know I've been the worst friend I could have possibily been this year, being as absent as I've been. So here's my new year's resolution: to be more present on LJ, but most importantly to be more presents for each and everyone of you.

I speak for myself, but I kow I've never been more glad to see an year end.
To hell with the End Of The World Theory!
My wish to all of you is to have the best year of your life yet, to enjoy every second to its fullest and to be blessed with far more happy moments than negative ones.
And if it has to be the last year of our world, let's go out with a bang! ;)
Jokes aside, let it be a year where you enjoyed every single day and got to spend with all the people you love.

I love you all, never forget it ♥

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