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"The world is governed more by appearances than realities"...

I realize that the titles I'm chosing lately are true rays of sunshine, uh?

Unfortunately that's how I feel, especially at this time of the day... when I'm in the office, dealing with a rumenian colleague that after 8 months still doesn't know how to do a single thing by herself (And God forbid you point out she made a working mistake. Her standard reply? "But you didn't explain that to me!"... 8 months. Bitch, please...).
BUT SHE has a contract, with the same level as mine!

Nevermind that I've been slaving for this company for 4 years now, that I work 8-9 hours per day with a contract of 6 hours, and that the only raise I got was obtained by ASKING FOR IT and even then it's just an expenses refund, nothing that shows on my contract.

Ah, but Rumenian girl has a 6 hours contract and she works 5 hours, so basically she works 25 hours a week and gets paid for 30. And when I very plainly told her I was pissed as hell (not at her but at our boss) she only said that "it's just for now, I'm sure that come September they'll ask me to work 6 hours!"...

Oh, did I mention that she's the girlfriend of our new administrator?
Yeah, hence the title.
But I'm not bitter. Nor humiliated. Not at all.

Tags: rant, work
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