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It's the end of the year

And I'm in the office with nothing to do and praying that they'll let me leave early.

Can I take 5 minutes to write down a more-than-likely very unpopular opinion?
I HATE the end of the year.

Don't get me wrong, this year has been so hard that I'm glad it's over.
It brought a lot of changes and some of those were actually good.
This time last year I was unhappily working for a bastard, mourning the loss of my uncle and driving myself crazy trying to decide if I should go live on my own leaving my dad when he probably needed me the most ...
I took the plunge and things are different this year. Life is still stressfull and there have been a LOT of ups and downs, but I think ultimately I'm happier today than I was a year ago on this day (but I'm still glad 2013 is over XD).

What I hate about the end of the year is the EXPECTATION.
You can't spend the end of the year at home, relaxing with something you love to do and quietly mark the pass onto the next year.
You have to CELEBRATE.
You have to go out, spend an inappropriate and unneccesary amount of money in some club/restautant/whatever and let the whole world know that you're celebrating the end of the year in style.


Because even if you want to go out, you can't even properly decide what to do.
Shops close before 6 PM, movie theaters only do the 8 PM showing, regular restaurants and bars close at 10 PM... You wanna mark the passing of the year in your own terms?
Nuh uh.
Either you make reservations and go to a place with a "Special December 31th" program/menu or you're screwed. And you have to pay with an arm, a leg and an eyeball to sit in a place crammed with people who can do nothing but drink to pass the time waiting for the clock to strike *midnight*.
You don't wanna do that?
You better have organized a big *PARTY* at your house or at a friends' house to make up for it.
Otherwise you're boring, and a loser.

Maybe it feels like such an obligation only in my country, but every single year when this time approaches I can't help but get claustrophobic.
Hell, in the last week I've been asked even by MY PARENTS every single day what I was planning to do tonight.
I hate how it makes me feel guilty or as if I'm saying something wrong when I say that I'd rather spend it at home. I hate that if I say "If you want I could spend it with you" my parents look at me pityfully as if they're feeling bad for me...
I have spent New Years' Eves out, I've gone to clubs or had parties at friends' houses.
Been there, done that.
Is it so wrong that now I want to spend it quietly ?

*God, what a monstrous entry... It was supposed to be a short update! Sorry!
I'll try to make a jollier entry tonight or tomorrow to wish you all a Happy New Year ♥*
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