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New Day

This is what happens when I'm depressed and write on here...that the day after it comes to bite me in the ass and I feel SO ashamed of myself.
I've gotten myself in check now, sorry y'all. Big Wide Sorry from the miss who's actaully home 95% of the Friday evenings and loves it ... lol.

I feel better today, things at home are not exactly stellar, dad is in a really foul mood and I'm fearing an outburst with mom any moment.
But tonight I'm focusing on the new brand of tea I'm trying, White Tea. :D
It's quite delicate, I like it.
I went out to look for my cool brasilian tea made out of chocolate seeds but I didn't find it :(
Spent a nice afternoon too, chatting eith granpa while waiting for granma and the parents to come back from their Xmas shopping. We started gushing on Christmas decoration and his family's costumes, then moved to bitch about commercials and tv people, bitch again about Italy's Group in the World Cup (we're SO going out on the first round, we won't even need a Moreno to do it), then talked about politic :b

In other news, I'm re-reading PoA for the 450th time... in a weird way. LOL. I've found a new habit, which is : during the week,when parents are already out for work, get up, make breakfast, sit down and read some HP to start the day.

I'm onto episode 7th of Gilmore Girls Season 6, I'm rushing the downloads, I need to get to Lorelai and Rory making up, I can't stand their feud. I can't handle it!
I'm probably one of the few watching the show specifically for Lorelai-Rory interactions, and not for Lorelai-Luke interactions. I adore them together, but bring back the focus on Mother-Daughter :(

Tomorrow is The Derby: Milan vs Inter
*play Music of Doom*
The Novate clan is coming over for dinner, so uncle can stay after that and watch the match. Which means mom The Interist will watch it too and we'll be doubly Doomed.
I ain't going out to face the humilation Monday, staying FAR away from University, mom and her coworkers.

MILAN please win, please.
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