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5 Holidays Traditions: TAGS!

Tagged by juliesaintjust

The Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 Holiday Traditions" and people who get tagged need to write a LiveJournal entry about their 5 holiday traditions as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged.

1.Decorations (Christmas tree, the Nativity, stuff on the door etc...) goes up rigorously on the 8th, day of the Immaculate Conception. We use Dec 7th (holiday in Milan for the City's Patronus) to relax and prepare for the feat. In the end it's me and dad doing the work, me and mom arguing about Nativity Yes/No (she always say it's too much work and she doesn't want it...but I win :b) and a much more festive home int he end :b

2.My mother stays home from work from the 22th/23th and chaos ensues :b We organize our final Chriastmas shopping (my mother BELIEVES in leaving the presents for the last week to buy... ), we order (or some year prepare ourself) home made ravioli and the correspondent of American Turkey, then we set to prepare the filling for it and generally cook for the 25th.

3.Every single present I get, even if the person who gave it to me made me open it before hand, goes under my Christmas tree and stays there til morning on the 25th, together with my presents for mom and dad. I wake up, make my parents get up, we put on a Christmas record and they open their presents while I open (or re-open) mine, and make them stay there til I've gushed about every single present. I'm such a girl, I know :b Then everyone moves around for their assignement, but the Christmas music stays til the guests arrive. Mom won't cook without it.

4.The main tradition is to have the whole family at lunch on the 25th. This means 3 grandparents, 2 (or sometimes 4) uncles-aunts, 3 or 4 cousins, the elder aunt and the 3 of us. They arrive slightly before 12, we exchange presents (I *love* this part, especially when I see the faimly from my side rushing to give presents to my dad's family side and viceversa, at the same time. So chaotic! :b). We eat, usually we stuff ourself wih hors d'oeuvre, we can't leave the ravioli behind, so Stuffing #2, and then we arrive to mom's 3 meat dishes full as pigs and unable to eat them(Tradition I hate: figuring out every year new and "exciting" dishes to prepare with all the meat left. It usually takes us 10 days to finish it all up :b). But somehow, the space for profitterolls and other cakes is always present :b TCoffee pause, and then we move to group games, genrally card games like "Mercante in Fiera", or Bingo. Those are all necessary step in our Christmas celebration, even lving the meat behind is tradition :b

5.On Boxing Day, we go to my uncle and aunt's house for lunch, and after it we take my cousins to see a movie, usually the Christmas movie that's out that year (I'm thinking this year it'll be Chicken Little...but I want to see Narnia!).

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