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Cris in the end couldn't come.
It wasn't her mom, it was some friends of her dad who were supposed to be there, but they backed out so she had to stay with him. And she cannot study with him cause he keeps the tv sky-high or stay next to her talking.
Once again, I feel so useless... I look at this from all angles and try to find a way to help her, but I can't see it.

Dad is back at his depressed moods. He was all like, AGAIN 'Let me eat, let me stuff myself, it's the only joy I have, my life sucks...'.
And now the weekend is coming... the time I dread the most. We're not even able to visit the grandparents or cousins this time (for the snow) and this means 2 days at home with nothing to do and my mother around, the mother who refuse to talk to him and always makes him feel like crap, being around 24/7.
This is going to go SO bad ...
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