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Sunny Sunday

I finally rented Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and watched it. YAY!
I got my monthly dose of Johnny Depp, now all os good in the world :P

Lol, jokes apart I like it... maybe more than I was really expecting it to. Tim Burton is so fucking eccentric, crazy. He's a genius in his own way. What I love about his work it's that you can TELL when a movie is his. He has a mark, not many directors do.

Now I really need to get me The Corpse Bride, it looks so lovely and fun :D

Tomorrow I'll bring the movie back and check things at Blockbuster. I saw an offer for GOD, I could pay it only 16 bucks if I bring to them 2 used DVDs. Ah, the sacrifices I do for you HP/JKR...

But it's the only way, I had to use the money from the fair for my bank account. Turns out I had gone broke without noticing it O_O
Fuck you Euro and EU.
Tags: dvd ; hp ; johnny depp
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