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Happy Easter!

I got The Chronicles of Narnia on DVD today!
The special edition, with supposedly 10 hours of special features... can't wait to watch it! Monday I'll take a Study Break Day and make it Narnia Day :D

I still don't know who gave me this gorgeous gift of 6 months of Paid Account... WHO ARE YOU?!?

A friend said it might be LJ itself that every once in a while gives it to members. I don't know.
But if it's someone on my f list, whoever you are:
I wish you'd come forward, you gave me such a beautiful present!
I'm so so thankful, it came exactly at the right time, not only cause I had lost the money I saved to get a Paid Account, but cause I'm emotionally drained by all this family hoopla and that gift gave me such a warm feeling :D
I'm terrible with words, and I hate to sound mushy, but whoever you are: THANK YOU.

Tomorrow is Easter, mh?
I'll spend the day eating...oh joy. *rolleyes*
I'm stuck going to a restaurant with parents, grandparents and my dad's aunt. Restaurant with predefined menu, which means we'll be forced to eat a gazillion of hoer d'oeuvre, 3 first plates, 3 seconds (fish AND meat), desserts and fruit... I'll get up from the table at 4PM if I'm lucky.

And THEN we'll go to the other grandma and cousins to eat...AGAIN.

I'll go ahead of time and wish a very


to my wonderful Friends List. I love you all, each and everyone of you. Hope you have a special time tomorrow!
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