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From an enraged football fan

Utterly disgusting.
I waited til now to talk about all the shit that's coming out about italian football(soccer for the americans) but now that they're bringing my team in it...

That Juventus was a bunch of mafiosi was known, so for people to act so shocked now... hypocrisy much?
What pisses me off is that now they're putting Milan on the same as boat as Juve.

Excuse dumbfucktards: Juve has ALL the administration and direction involved in buying games, referees, journalists while some players are accused as well.
Milan just came out that a unknown behind the scene guy was happy that a co-referee was chosen for a game since they're friend. Game, might I add, that we lost. So def. not bought.

But now they're talking about sending us to serie B with Juve, when J has been investigated for 2 weeks and the Serie B word came out only today. Fiorentina and Lazio are accused too but no one mention it.

But NOOO, Milan is the spawn of Satana in it. Of course everyone has to gang up on Milan, only because IDIOT Berlusconi left his name attached to the team instead of letting it go when he entered politics. If we get sent to B because of him I'm gonna turn tables over, literally...
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