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Here we gooo!

Knew it was just a matter of time, and in fact dad and mom are at it again!
And right before the weekend too... why, oh WHY?!?

>.< !

I watched Gosford Park by Altman today, my last seminary's movie.

It has to be my favorite between the 4 Altman's movies I saw. It reminded me of "10 Little Indians" by Agatha Christie with all the guests closed in an estate, a murder... But te similarities end there, for the rest Altman destroyed the Police-Novel scheme. The investigator was an idiot, literally (touching proofs before they're analysed, moving the corpses, ignoring the hints) and doesn't resolve the case in the end.
Plus all the characters save one maid are cynic bastards who don't care.

Altman is one very pessimist director, but I can see the talent and the reason for this year Lifetime Achievement.

Seriously though f list, go watch Gosford Park, it's worth it.
Plus there's fantastic Maggie Smith in it! She's absolutely brilliant in this ;)
Michael Gambon too... for those suffering HP fans who don't like his Dumbledore, he's the one that gets canceled. Maybe THIS will make you wanna watch *lol!*
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