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Finally I woke up from one Mr. D-R-E-A-M!

To say I woke up happy this morning... aaah *heavenly sigh*
Beautiful dream.
It's gonna sound stupid to most people but for me it was the best ever, LOL.
It involved... (you guessed it!) the NT players!
Well, some of them :P

For some reason I was in a car coming back from Germany.
On the freeway there was a lot of traffic, cars were all next to each other proceeding at man-pace. I had my window down and in the car next to me there were Buffon and Cannavaro in the front and Andrea Pirlo and Rino Gattuso in the back.
I could feel that inside of me I just anted to squee like a fangirl in heat, esp. upon being in close contact with my Gattuso :P
(note: Yeah, I KNOW. He's ugly. He's classless. But I love him! He's so cute in his own way, and he's a really sweet guy, genuine. A lot more than what you can say about people like Buffon).

Instead for some reason I was acting really cool, talking to them normally, joking around and being generally witty. They seemed to be enjoying themselves too, lol!
The thing ended there, we drove away and that was it.
Then the dream cut me off to me and a group of girlfriends clubbing.
We were siting drinking and gossiping/chatting, when Pirlo, a bunch of Milan players and *gasp!*Gattuso came in.
I didn0t notice them until after they were sit in their own boot and Gattuso came over having recognized me and asking me to join then for a chat. Nothing romantic, it was all in good fun.
And there I proceeded in being my DREAM!wotty self, talking about being a Milan fan but not in a 'OM!I love you! Marry me! Hot guys! WAAH!' way, but rather competent and not just praising but criticizing as well.
By the end of it, I seemed to have befriended Andrea and Rino.
I don't know happened next, but there was a big chunk of time missing, weeks.
All I know is that I ended up with Gattuso. LOL!
And I didn't mind in the slightless!
Only thing I mind is that some idiot late for work kept honking and woke me up ust when it was getting juicy...porno juicy.

Typical dream of a loserish fan girl, I thought I was past those... apparently not.
If you needed another reason to think me a weirdo or a dork, here you have it!

Anyway, I promised pics yesterday.
Unfortunately the nes I took on the street are on my cellphone, and I have no idea how to transfer them *blush*
What you'll get is a couple of pics of our 'home' celebration :P
Some are really scary... to say I was worn out and sweating like a pig is a fair warning... lol!

Beatrice and I

Grandma and I

beatrice, dad and I

Beatrice, Paolo and I
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