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Block it out with MUSIC!

I'm trying to ignore what's happening at home, the situation has taken a turn for the worst between the parents.

So, I'm giving you this fun music meme I got from hobbitseeker.

Open your play-list, pick songs that start with each letter of your username, but, the songs have to mean something to you. Don't just pick a song because it starts with a letter in your username. Post the list to your journal, if you want you can explain why the songs are important to you, but it's not required.

Tried as I might, I couldn't find or even think of a single song starting with Z, so I'll give you just a song special to me as substitute.

If you had any doubt about me being an 80s child, this list will squash them, lol.
Here we go!

P = Perfect Girl by Sarah McLachlan
I love Sarah Mclachlan. I discovered a relative short time ago, with her latest alum and 'Fallen', but I really love her old stuff as well. 'In the arms of the angels' has to be my favorite track, but this one is special also: the verses display a lot of my own insecurities, while the chorus encourage me... Lovely, lovely song.

H = Heaven by Bryan Adams
Ah, Bryan Adams. He reminds me of the best years I spent in school, with my best friend Cristina all the way back to junior high. She was obsessed with him, followed him around for 3 or 4 stops when he toured Europe too, dragging me along for the Milan date. I always made fun of her for this, she used to want to move to Canada for him, no joke. I've never truly got to be a fan of his, moat of his songs tend to give me toothache, but the few I liked I liked a LOT. 'Heaven' is by far my favorite.
Bon Jovi was Cris' other obsession, I'll avoid putting 'Always' for A, but that's another song that reminds of that time (for the record, my fav is 'Living on a prayer').

A = 'Anche Tu' by Raf and Eros Ramazzotti
Italian song, translation 'You too'. And yet again from my 11-14 years. If Cris loved Bryan and John I was freaking in love with Raf, an italian songwriter/musician. He's from Puglia :P
I won't list you all my favorite songs, but this is the only one I love with the letter A, lol.
It's a duet with Eros Ramazzotti, one of the few internationally known italian singers. And surprisingly NOt a love song!
They were the 2 big ones in the 80s-90s, kind of rivals. Then Eros became a lot more commercial and toothache-inducing, Raf is the true artist IMO.

R = Rock star by N.E.R.D.
Aaah... the fun my friends made and still make of me for this...
It's one of my weirdest obsession, I'll admit. I'm not a big hip hop fan, but for some reason I developed a crush on this guy named Pharrell Williams, producer of the Neptunes. I can claim I discovered him way before he started appearing in every other rap and hip hop video though, lol.
He's just so cute to me, cuddly almost, which you know it's a weird trait fo an hip hop fella :P
Anyway, he created this rock/hip hop group called NERD, 3 guys and he's the lead singer... and while I'm not big on his hip hop production this band's stuff is hot. Esp the first record, it was the perfect CD to jam in the car, not a single bad song on it. This is one of them hardest track, boys were angry while recording it :P

R = 'Roxanne' by the Police
I love Police, and Sting. I'm a geek, lol. Hey, I'm an 80s child!
And 'Don't stand so close to me' might remind the Lupinites of something :P
I love George Michael's version of Roxanne too, but gotta give it to the boys this time.

E = 'Everybody needs somebody (to love)' from the Blues Brothers OST / 'Everybody hurts' by REM.
A tie. Everybody hurts is easely one of my fav REM's track with Losing my religion, but who doesn't love those songs?
Plus hobbitseeker used this same song I believe, so I looked for an alternative one.
The Blues Brothers... hands up who hasn't seen the movie!
Man, a classic. I lost count of how many times I've watched it. And keep in mind the 80s child thing + my love for musicals... :P
It's a very simple song, but who can deny the truth in it?

Z =Z? I mean...Z?
I dare you to find me a song starting with Z. I can find more stuff with H!
I'll give you... How about 'True Colors'?
I've heard so many versions of this song, but I'll give it to Phil Collins. Yep, Cindy was the first but the man's voice kills it, honestly.

Y = 'Yesterday' by the Beatles
My first Beatles song... and still my favorite, it never fails to get me teary eyed.
They made me play it in school with the flute and that's how I got introduced to The Beatles. Funny, cause my dad is music junkie and adores them. He still hadn't discovered I followed up in his footsteps on this.

C= 'Cornflake girl' or 'Cool on your island' by Tori Amos
Couldn't decide. Cornflake girl introduced me to Tori, she played it in Festivalbar here in Italy and I was immediately in awe of this woman's ability with piano. She's such a passionate performer, and the piano riffs on this song are whoa!
I became a big Tori fan since then.
Cool on your island is another of my favs, it's very peculiar for Tori. It's not an overly popular song, and she plays no piano in it. I can't even describe it, you'd have to listen to it... do check it out, awesome track.

H = 'Hotel California' by The Eagles
*bow down to the track*
One of the best rock track of all time IMMO. I'm no expert, obviously but I know few people who dislike it. Do you? :P

I = 'In bianco e in nero' by Carmen Consoli
Another italian one, translated 'In white and black'. Do not be fooled, nothing comparable to Michael Jackson, this is typical italian rock, melodic.
I have a soft spot for this girl, I feel like I discovered her :P
She was the opening act to my Raf concert when I was 13, everyone thought she sucked monkey balls. She went to SanRemo shortly after that, competing in the New Comers category and she lost big time. Everyone was ridiculing her for her voice, and it is indeed an absurd one, lol very peculiar. But it grows on you, and with time her writing became remarkable, challenging and never obvious. She's now one of the biggest italian acts, HA!
This song is my absolutely favorite. Talks about her mother and their conflictual relationship, I can relate so much to the lyrics, they're so bittersweet.

C= 'Careless whisper' by George Michael /
'Crazy little thing called love' by The Queen

This was hard. I can't pick. Let me explain:
Careless whisper underlines what a geek I am, cause I go around saying it's my favorite song of all time. Go on, laugh.
I do NOT know what it is, but it gets to me everytime, it makes my emotions go in overload.

But then again, I'd feel like a traitor to my favorite band if I didn't mention at least one Queen track!
I bow down to them, they should be more recognized and remembered... there will never be another Freddy Mercury. Male vocalists today have nothing on him.
And who doesn't know their songs?
But do not ask for favorites, it'd take me 3 pages :P

A = 'Another day in Paradise' by Phil Collins
Love the track, love the man, not all of his stuff but the few I do it's hard love.
No memories linked to this track, just a love for the lyrics and theme.

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