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Teacher for a day

LOL, I wish.
But that's how I felt this afternoon.
My friend Cris is going to discuss her thesis and graduate from university on the 18th, and she called me over asking me to read her whole thesis and review it for her, down to the commas and dots.
It was funny, staying there with a red pen and mark her papers :P

I really like her Thank You note, she wrote a sort of poem about her deceased dad.

In other, less thrilling news my youngest cousin was really sick last night.
Paolo is 6 years old, he came home from school with a fever but the situation got out of hand last night. He had a sky high fever and was delirious, screaming and saying he was seeing ghosts and weird animals everywhere. I knew it was bad from the fact that my aunt is an elementary teacher, she never loses her cool and she has 3 children, never panicked. But last night she did.
She got scared thinking it might be meningitis.

*sigh* The fever broke this morning but this evening it started going up again, hopefully it'll all work out for the better.
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