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Books Update

-Tomorrow is THE day, finally.
Cris will discuss her thesis and graduate. I saw her today too, she wanted 'support' in going to the hairdresser, lol.
Seems like there will be a lot of people going to see her which is good :)

-While looking for a card for her I finally found the economic edition of 'Eragon'.
I'm not particularly attracted to the book, but everyone and their mamas keep telling me I should read it and how I'd enjoy it so I decided to give it a shot.

But the reading will have to wait.
I finished (FINALLY!) 'The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (got side-tracked by other books) and now I'm reading 'The Subtle Knife', second in the Trilogy.
I have to hurry it up too cause it's a library book and I have 15 days to finish it as of now :P

-I wanted to upload more userpics but I forgot I deleted all my pics from the pc...
I'm cleaning it up. The computer shop wants it and they'll give me a few bucks for it so I'll pay the notebook less.
Other than that I'm keeping my mouth firmly shut about this, don't want to jinx any possibility :P
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