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Cleaning time... and a goodbye

I'm deleting a big number of the programs from my pc.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, surprising the pc situation got through and a lot more quickly than I expected.
Tomorrow, if everything goes smoothly, I should bring the new one at home.

Hopefully I'll be able to get online soon to tell you how is it.
My biggest (aka: HUUUGE) fear is that internet won't work on it.
I have a special kind of connection called Fatsweb, it's through a sort-of-cable. But apparently I set it up on this pc through a Cd they gave me. CD that I don't have anymore.

Cross your fingers I won't lose my internet!
What would I do without being able to log in and butt in your lives?!

So, I guess for now it's GoodBye.
And an hopeful see you soon!
Tags: notebook, pc
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