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Interrupting my LJ silence...

... to celebrate a news.
It seems that here in Italy  a decision has been made about the downloading of music/videos for free through P2P networks.
If the download is personal and with no ludicrous intentions it's not considered illegal.
If you could see the grin on my face... *hihihihhihihihihihihihihihihi*
Now I can stop feeling guilty about downloading songs, I don't have enough to cause the postal police to come looking for my arse but still I can sleep better now =P

And about the LJ silence, I should have posted about it.
I'm in the middle of my exams session. I still have 2 remaining but it's ONE DAMNED exam that's causing me trouble.
Italian Literature.
It's HUGE. It goes from Dante to Alfieri (era 1200 to 1800), split into 2 written tests, plus an oral about the whole Dante's Comedy.
I've been stupid leaving it behind all this time, and now I'm damning myself trying to complete it.
I tried in September and after 2 months of waiting for my tests result I found out I hadn't passed. Based on important questions too. 'In which year did Leopardi graduated from University?' O_O 
As you can guess, FUNDAMENTAL info to get to know and understand the author's poetry and phylosophy. -_-

So in the end, I'm trying to avoid LJ and other dangerously appealing (therefore distracting) sites and pastimes.
I'm really sorry =(
Occasional posts might pop up but I doubt I'll be able to do it regularly or even comment properly to your LJs until mid Feb.
Apologies... lots and lots of them =((
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