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Italian Kingdom of Weirdness

The Crazy Ramblings of an Italian Chica

Stefy ~ ステフィ
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My name is Stefy, university student that already reached the scary 25 years old cross-point. I'm majoring in Mass Media's Languages, and hate my university for slowing me down and generally screwing me over with this major.

My family is fucked up. You'll hear me rant about it a lot, I fear (some of these entries will be f-locked).

I love reading and I'm really passionate about music, can't imagine a world without these 2 things :)
I love the fandom world, I enjoy reading fanfics, mostly on the slash side.
My evergreen obsession are the Harry Potter books.
But it has recently taken a back-seat in favor of other fandom, japanese ones.
To be exact, my most recent obsession is Prince Of Tennis, which led to Tenimyu which led to the D-BOYS ( Where have these boys been all my life?! ).
So yeah, I'm currently obsessing over dorky japanese boys.
I recently found my way back to CLAMP and some of their stories. To be exact I'm wasting my free time reading things from Tokyo Babylon, X/1999 (Oww Subaru, why do CLAMP love to torture you so much?), Clover (Ran and Gingetsu... they're so lovely and so doomed) and some others...

But those are not exclusive, I dab into various fandoms occasionally, these are the strong ones at the moment.

I got this journal originally to keep in contact with a couple of my international friends, but since then it gave me the chance to meet a bunch of other amazing people... I *love* making new friends :D

Feel free to friend me, I'll almost always friend back :)

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created by: pharrezychica

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